As recently as ten years ago, most rural communities still had unpaved roads. Most of these murram road systems were poorly maintained. Such was the fate of the public transport vans that serviced the sector. The government routinely carried out crackdowns on unroadworthy vehicles in the urban centers which saw most of them redistributed to… Continue reading SHAMED



As much as you try to avoid all people at all costs, some time soon you've to do the meet and greet. Nothing spells akward like meeting people for the first time. First encounters come in varying degrees of unease. It becomes extremely daunting if your general rule about other people is keep off. Seriously,… Continue reading ENCOUNTERS-SOCIAL AKWARDNESS



Hello 👋🏾, Been a while. So, this is the new year hungover period. How is that going for you? My new year can effectively be described by one word and one emoji, EWW🥴. Talking of new year, how are your resolutions looking like? Maybe you don't even have new year resolutions. Resolution is a freaky… Continue reading NEW YEAR SHENANIGANS AND ASPIRATIONS

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Something like introversion

I admire all writers....... a cliche, right? We put down our thoughts,ideas and dreams and somehow turn them into captivating tales that twist along on draft scripts that publishers give no second glance. My point is, that stream of ideas sometimes runs out or we imagine mind blowing scenes on rickety matatus headed to shady… Continue reading Something like introversion