Someone once said “As long as we are under the same moon we’ll feel”. I beg to differ, mind you we are still under so many same things but our differences make us beautiful in our own ways. Nothing is flawed* about the Asian storm neither is the European storm any worse. Despite all that,the African storm has a quality to itself ;it’s wild.

The African storm is like a dance. It leaves good and bad in favorably equal measure. It doesn’t just pour in torrents from the skies. The storm assembles for an offensive and holds steady till you are in awe of it’s majesty.

Just yesterday I had the pleasure of witnessing the fabled storm. It was the kind of afternoon when the heat indoors forces you outside. The temperature makes you heady and you are left in a state of easy sleep and unconsciousness, drifting but rarely dreaming. At first there was just a cool breeze which was comforting and soothing as it carelessed the skin. By the time I was fully awake it was a steady gust that rattled loose iron sheets. The clouds were ominously dark and hanging heavily. By the time the flurry that precedes any impending rainfall cleared we were in a semi darkness. The clouds were looming terribly close and the rumbling was clearer.

Then came the hailstones. Heavy and loud, ricocheting off surfaces and creating an uneven layer of white. Peals of thunder and streaks of lightning were quickly curtained by the downpour. Huge drops that dug up loose soil. Within a few minutes the fields were flooded and the drops were making blotchy splashes. The runoff impeded by clusters of hailstones formed swirling pools.

The rain held steady for an hour. Within the hour the continuous monotony of the avalanche was broken by flashes of lightning that sent my younger brother screaming to his room. The flashes were closely followed by loud peals of thunder that threatened to blow eardrums. The rapidly melting hailstones coupled with the sheets of raindrops reduced visibility to a mere paces.The fog was cloudy and wavy.

And then suddenly and quite unceremoniously the rain came to a stop. In the eerie silence that followed only the rushing streams of runoff could be heard. And then tentatively doors were opened and the air was rent with orders to the excited children colkecting the hailstones.

The adults were silent and only acknowledging of the loss and damage. I was watching my mother gingerly skipping muddy pools in her backyard farm. Earlier there had been lush green vegetables where now only a few formidable onion leaves stood. The hailstones had stripped my favorite tree in the field bare. The leaves spread out underneath the ghostly branches in a colorful disarray.

My dad was lamenting the Napier Grass that was now thin strands hanging limply. The maize had suffered the same fate, our neighbor was extremely agitated at the rains. He has a habit that is so rare to find in modern times. His obsession to smoking the curved African pipe is legendary.

Tomorrow when he’s no longer in a foul mood, I wonder if he will retell me the story about his favorite pipe. He says his great-grandfather bought it in a barter exchange in Nyamasaria. Its a long tale. I now hate the storm myself but just a little bit. I loved the music it created.


I’m surprised but nevertheless glad. I have just been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by someone whose work I look up to. My heart felt gratitude to Kate Wanjiru. You want that Witty look at things visit her blog Love and Life

Sunshine Blogger award is one which empowers other bloggers and celebrates their work. Bloggers nominate other bloggers and ask them 11 questions which they answer on their blog. The award aims at celebrating bloggers who inspire others with their creativity and share positivity through their blogs.


Thank the blogger who nominated you in the post and link to their blog
Answer the 11 questions asked of you
List the rules and include the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post
Write a new list of 11 questions for your nominees
Nominate 11 bloggers for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Here are the questions Kate Wanjiru had for me :

1.What has Quarantine made you realize about yourself?Quarantine has had me realize how much I don’t know myself . There are some little traits that I have never noticed before like how I hardly watch real news. I have been relying on social media a lot to keep in touch with the world.

2.Is writing a hobby or a talent for you?Hey, can it be both? Writing is a talent that I have turned into a hobby. It’s the only thing I spend a lot of time on and well my involvement in physical activities is nonexistent as it is.

3.Who’s your best relative and why?That’s undoubtedly my cousin Jessica. She has always been there through it all. The sister I never got to have. Ooh and the only person who told me it was never going to be okay always.

4.What’s your take on Donald Trump?Like all politicians I think he should stop playing a game and be a leader. I don’t understand how he does it but he looks very much the bully.

5.What’s the most treasured gift you ever received?It’s so small yet hugely significant, when I was 14 and about to sit for my national examinations I received a watch. See,it no longer ticks but it is the fanciest thing I have. Somebody went to great pains to gift me anonymously.

6.What are you doing to keep fit this season?The only thing I do to keep fit is I don’t think about fitness. I’m a procrastinator but I watch my pressure and weight readings not closely enough but I am thinking of a plan. I know someone who has gone into a fitness frenzy and he happens to be my brother.

7.How many countries have you traveled?I have only been to one country long time ago way during a school trip. Do I have plans to visit any country soon? No thank you, I have enough trouble as it is with motion sickness.

8.On a Friday night, would you rather stay in or go out?Any day I’d rather stay in. Each time I try going out I find a new reason why going out is a bad idea for me.

9.How do you uplift your spirits on blue days?Music, lots of music and overthinking. I daydream a lot and create a better imaginary place for me.

10.Would you permanently lock your hair?No I would feel weird all the time. I was brought up in a highly conservative family where certain things aren’t natural enough to me even if I have no qualms with someone else doing it.

11.What phobias do you have?Acrophobia! Heights. It’s the greatest and then reptiles especially snakes. Snakes of all sizes, shapes, colors , origins and kinds. I think they should do away with them. Heck the world would be a little more beautiful without hisses.

Aahaah 4th floor and it all goes wrong

I hope these great beings also find this as fun as I found it. My nominees are ;

Esther Ikott


Gael Snowflake

Nawire Wanjala


My questions for them are :

  1. Who has impacted you the most in blogging?
  2. How can you describe your music taste?
  3. What is the most interesting book you have recently read?
  4. Do you set new year resolutions and how do you go about them?
  5. If you were to travel with only five things, what would you pack?
  6. Which do you prefer tea or coffee?
  7. Would you rather have an endless summer or winter?
  8. Name that one musician or song that you absolutely love.
  9. Given a time machine which place in history would you go to?
  10. What do you do if caught up in a traffic jam?
  11. What do you think, does love at first sight exist?

Light up someone’s life. Be the Sunshine.

Lazy Sunday 👀

Well it feels illegal but Sunday is my midweek. It’s that day. It comes along to spoil the all day Saturday binge~watching. Did I say it’s also a harbinger for doomsday. My week is neatly cut into two. Before and After Sunday. I dunno but even way before staying indoors became an evil to live with, Sunday has always been an indoor day. Reasons…… Sunday is more like sunnyday. I don’t believe in coincidence but Sundays are the days to be baked. The temperature is overwhelming and the only solace is that if you do your laundry well the odds are in your favour. Am of the opinion that Sundays are loud and hectic. Sundays are the days when most people are intoxicated on spirits, the spiritual and the banned in equal measure. One is loud and the latter is irritating on a day when tempers are unlikely. When I was in high school we coined a nickname for Sunday_Hunger Day. In the full spirit of a lazy Sunday the cooks took their time with the githeri. They sure knew how to test our patience. What with Sunday hunger pangs only for the much awaited githeri to turn out reeking of a common guzzler propellant. (This was not for the weak stomachs you could literally drive endesha). Forget tuning in to your favorite entertainment hubs on Sunday the programming offers no allure at all. Mind you tv is full of repeats on Sunday. So i have this crazy craving to scrap off Sunnyday. But for now it remains lazy and long come to think of it.

There’s nothing much worse if you are staying in an apartment than a Sunday. The kids from the hood can’t stop hooting and creating mini-riots. All the scraping that goes on can turn you mental. Then there seems to be some obscene amount of banging going on. Sundays seem to be the days to move in or out if your landlord is capable of the art of humane thinking. This creates lots of screeching and hauling up and down the stairs. Believe you me that many a time I want to scream myself hoarse to add to the insanity that’s Sunday.